Top 10 Video Compressor Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 10 Video Compressor Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 10 Video Compressor Apps for Android and iPhone

 Top 10 Video Compressor Apps for Android and iPhone Video size reduction software has become very important today; Because despite the increased imaging quality of smartphones, many popular platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok still do not support 4K or HDR standards along with higher frame rates. Many applications have been developed to solve this problem and reduce the final size of files, and we are going to introduce some of the best video compression applications for Android and iPhone.

Best video size reducer software for Android and iPhone

Due to various limitations, such as not very good internet upload speed, video size reducer software can be very useful. Not only can such applications facilitate file sharing; It also allows them to archive in a more limited space. Of course, we must not forget that this process ends at the cost of losing video quality and details; But each user can use the tool and the amount of compression according to his needs.

 Video Compressor Mp3 Converter 

Video Compressor Mp3 Converter app is a free title that provides video formatting and conversion tools to its users. When you use the app, you don't have a size limit in choosing files and it supports different formats. Like many similar tools, this application makes it possible to compile compressed files to save time.

It's easy to import video files in popular formats like WMV and MKV along with MP4 and MOV into Video Compressor Mp3 Converter. The user can cut additional parts of the video to his liking and, if necessary, manipulate the image frame. Selecting the output resolution and maintaining the proper quality for the videos are other features of the mentioned app.

Download Free Video Compressor Mp3 Converter App for Android

 Video Compressor & Video Cutter

Video Compressor is another video shortening software for Android which has managed to attract users and in addition to the large number of downloads, it has also got a good score on Google Play. This application is well compatible with popular video formats such as MP4 and 3GP and has an acceptable ability to preserve image quality in the output file. The only major drawback is the display of in-app ads, which may be annoying to some people.

Another important feature of Video Compressor is the ability to display video previews while compressing. It also has direct sharing of content on different platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Relatively fast performance compared to other competitors due to the use of hardware codecs and the ability to batch convert video files is another positive aspect. Not to mention, this app can also be used to separate audio from video in MP3 format.

Download Free Video Compressor App for Android

 Video Compressor

The ability to select the output file quality and a different user interface is one of the distinguishing features of Video Compress compared to other video size reducers on mobile. Of course, this user interface can be annoying in situations like deleting files, and some users may have trouble using it.

Other features of Video Compress include direct sharing of the resulting videos to social networks, lossless file conversion mode, and direct video-to-audio (MP3) conversion. If the previous titles can not attract you visually, it is better to go to this application so that you can easily compress different formats.

Download Free Video Compress App for Android

Video Dieter 2 - trim & edit

If you are looking for more features in the form of video size reducer, you'd better try Video Dieter 2 as well. This compact application can convert various video files in the shortest time; Without seeing much quality loss in production. Extracting the audio from the video or deleting it completely, trimming the files and choosing the output resolution are other important features.

Video Dieter 2 also allows the user to choose the final quality, and frames can be viewed independently. It also has 24 different color filters that can change the mood of the videos. It is worth noting that this lightweight application can also support 4K quality files.

Download Free Video Dieter 2 App for Android

 Video Compress - Shrink Vids

Video Compress is one of the best video reducer software for iPhone and iPad that is available to users for free. Its most important advantage is the ability to work with multiple files simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. The user can also manually set the compression rate, speed and final resolution of the output file.

The preview option is another important feature of Video Compress that allows the user to check and compare the video quality before compressing and preparing the output file. Files can be converted in max 4K quality in this app, and there is a special option to delete the original version of the video (in iOS 8 and above) to free up internal memory space.

Download Free Video Compress Shrink Vids App for iPhone

 Compress Videos & Resize Video

Video compression and video resizing is one of the most popular free movie reducer software for Apple products that has received positive feedback from users. The developers of the application focused particularly on preventing image quality deterioration of the output file and were able to publish a suitable product in the field that supports H.264 and HEVC standards as well as MP4 and MOV formats.

Video compression and video resizer has a more modern user interface than its competitors and is optimized for converting high-quality files. However, you may notice some errors while working with it. There will also be no watermark in the free version, and in order to protect user privacy, all operations are performed on the device only. The premium version of the app has no in-app ads and can compress multiple files at the same time.

Download Compress Videos & Resize Video App for iPhone

 Video & Photo Compressor Pro

If you are looking for a free video reducer software without the usual restrictions like watermark and video time for iPhone or iPad, then it is best to give Video & Photo Compressor Pro a try. The ability to simultaneously convert multiple files at this address is also included in the free version, and the resulting files have quite acceptable quality.

Video & Photo Compressor Pro supports a variety of formats, including MP4 and AVI, along with MOV and MKV. It is also possible to use image formats such as JPEG and PNG to reduce the size of the images. Another important feature is the preview of the device's free memory space before and after pressing next to the dedicated key to delete the original copy of the file.

Download Free Video & Photo Compressor Pro for iPhone

 Video Compressor & Editor

Video Compressor & Editor app provides video compression capabilities along with some video editing related features. For example, you can cut or merge videos from anywhere. It is also possible to change the aspect ratio and resolution by rotating the frame. The only major issue with this app is the 30-second limit for compressing individual or group files in the free version, which makes it the only option for social media videos.

Video Compressor & Editor supports H.264 and HEVC standards and can use files with a maximum quality of 4K and a rate of 240 frames per second. Also, when selecting the output file settings, the user can access several different options (along with the required values) in the bitrate and resolution field, which will indicate the amount of video compression. All information (metadata) of files will be saved after conversion, and it is possible to create metadata for videos automatically. The 30-second limit mentioned in the premium version of the app has been removed.

Download Free Video Compressor & Editor App for iPhone

 Alyaanah Video Compressor

Alyaanah Video Compressor is one of the best video size reducer app for Android, which offers many features and this has achieved a high score on Google Play. Support various video formats like MP4 and MKV along with AVI and MOV along with

Along with several default compression profiles, its main features. Each profile has a different amount of compression, which affects the size of the output file.

Users can use the required values ​​in Alyaanah Video Compressor if needed. Also, previewing the file before compression can help check and compare the quality of the output file. The ability to create a file conversion queue or convert multiple numbers at once and support for H.264 and H.265 standards should also be added to the application's list of features. Compression speed, final resolution, and bit rate are other things that the user can control.

Download Free Alyaanah Video Compressor App for Android

 Inverse.AI Video Converter

The last title on this list is another best free video size reducer for Android called Video Converter Compressor, which has received 5 million downloads on Google Play and a score of 4.8 when writing mobile content. The main difference with similar models is support for 4K resolution and an image refresh rate of 240 frames per second, which makes it a good choice for compressing high-quality videos.

Various video formats like MKV and MP4 along with audio formats like MP3 and AAC are supported in this video converter and compressor. A simple video editor is also available for users to cut or combine videos. Support for custom resolutions, the ability to adjust the image refresh rate, and paste the subtitle file when compressing an audio file and adding it to a video are other important features of this app.

Download the free Inverse.AI Video Converter app for Android

Frequently asked questions about the best video compression apps for Android and iPhone

Do video reducers reduce quality?

Video resizing software usually makes little change in the quality of the output file; But if you're using the right app with the right settings, the amount of quality loss won't be noticeable and worrying. Methods such as inserting videos into compressed files can also reduce their size.

What is the best video size reducer software for Android devices?

Video Compressor is one of the oldest video compression titles available for Android, which offers good performance. Inverse.AI Video Converter and Alyaanah Video Compressor are also relatively new titles that provide users with more advanced features and capabilities.

What is the best program to reduce the video for iPhone and iPad?

Compress Videos & Resize Video is one of the best video size reducer app for iOS that does not impose common restrictions like watermark or video time on the user. This video compressor and editor also has good features; But the free version has a 30-second limit per file.

What are the alternatives to video size reducer software?

If for any reason you do not want to use video reducer software on your mobile phone or computer, you can search for online tools for this. is an example of the same services that provide video compression services to users; But this site, like most of these tools, has a size limit when uploading a video.


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