Elahmad Mobile website elahmad tv to watch international channels

 Elahmad Mobile website elahmad tv to watch international channels

Elahmad Mobile website elahmad tv

Applications and websites that support satellite channels topped the list of cosmetics on stores because of the advantages they provide in following up on whatever series, movies, programs, and sporting events users desire. These applications provide the advantage of direct monitoring of what is shown on many channels that the site can provide for free, wherever you are and at any time you like.

One of the most important of these sites, which has received the admiration and trust of users, is the Al-Ahmad Mobile website, elahmad TV, for watching international channels without interruption, in high quality, or according to your desire.

Elahmad Mobile website elahmad tv to watch international channels

  Al-Ahmad Mobile TV website

Downloading the Al-Ahmad Mobile website, elahmad TV, to watch international channels provides users with a long list of different wonderful channels that give you a wonderful time while following all your favorite series, scientific programs, documentaries, and Arab and foreign films. With the availability of this website on the mobile device, with its elegant appearance and easy-to-use screen, it became the most downloaded application in its field and gained wide popularity among people of all categories who love watching wonderful visual programs in different languages.

Al-Ahmad TV website provides many people with the advantage of watching their favorite channels wherever they are, whether at home or on trips, with the accuracy you prefer and on the server that is available to you.

Features of the Al-Ahmad Mobile website, elahmad TV, for watching international channels

After you download the Elahmad Mobile website to watch international channels, you will get a channel website with wonderful features that will not make you do without it again:

  • A wonderful collection of open and encrypted international Arabic and foreign channel packages.
  • Ease of use through a simple, distinctive screen.
  • Provides all types of servers serving the Arab world.
  • The application can be easily downloaded via the Google Play Store.
  • Al-Ahmad TV website can be downloaded on any mobile device quite simply, as it supports Android systems with all their updates.
  • It provides all open and encrypted sports channels to follow sports and football events around the world.
  • Al-Ahmad Mobile website, elahmad TV, for watching international channels, is one of the most popular sites in the Arab world because of the wide variety of programs and distinctive channels it provides.

Channels supported by Elahmad TV

The Al-Ahmad Mobile website, Alahmad TV App, for watching international channels, has provided large and diverse packages of channels, both international and Arabic, for series, movies, and programs, in addition to Islamic and sports channels from various countries and languages.

Al-Ahmad TV Mobile website worked to provide Arabic packages, such as a group of MBC Arabic channels and various Rotana channels, in addition to Abu Dhabi and Emirates channels, Sharjah channels, and others, in addition to various children’s channels. In addition to the various Al-Majd channels and news channels, such as Al-Jazeera channel group, Al-Arabiya channels, and Sky News.

As for foreign channels, sports channels, BBC, American, French, Russian, Turkish news channels, and others were available.

These channels are classified into several categories, such as:

  1. Holy Quran channels.
  2. Arabic channels.
  3. Radio radio.
  4. International news.
  5. Live cameras.
  6. Children's channels.
  7. Sports channels.
  8. Educational channels.
  9. Islamic songs.

Elahmad TV website application

Elahmad TV mobile website for watching international channels is available on Google Play in the form of an application and other stores and can be downloaded with direct links. The Elahmad TV mobile application features:

  • Version 1.0 (1)
  • Developer of Al-Ahmad BE DEV APPS program
  • Capacity is 5 MB

The site is characterized by ease of downloading and high speed and is available to all servers operating in the Arab world, so that all users can enjoy watching the Arab and foreign channels supported by the application with high accuracy and without interruption or interference. The application can be downloaded onto a mobile device quickly via Google Play.

Al-Ahmad TV for Arab and international channels

The elahmad tv mobile website application for watching international channels is one of the best Arabic applications for following programs and series on any mobile device or smart device wherever you are. It has worked to provide a package of encrypted and open channels in addition to radio and live broadcast cameras.

The site categorizes channels in several ways:

Classification according to state or country:

  1. Saudi channels (Quran channels and all Saudi channels - Rotana channels in all categories and others)
  2. Qatar channels (all Al Jazeera channels - Qatar channels - sports channels, etc.)
  3. United Arab Emirates Channels (Arabic Channels Package - Sharjah Channels - Abu Dhabi Channels - Dubai Channels - Dubai Sports Channels with another group of channels)
  4. Kuwait Channels (Kuwait Channels Group - Al-Resala Channel - Al-Rai Channel - Al-Afasy —-)
  5. Yemen channels (Yemen channels of all kinds - - -)
  6. Sultanate of Oman channels (sports channels and Oman satellite channels)
  7. Bahrain Channels (all marine satellite and sports channels)
  8. Jordan channels (children's channels, Roya channels, and Jordan satellite channels)
  9. Syria Channels (A group of Syrian satellite, news and educational channels - Sama, Lana, Aleppo, Al-Mayadeen, Nour Al-Sham, Al-Youm, and others)
  10. Lebanon Channels (Al Jadeed Channel, LBC, OTV, RK, HJ, Al Manar, Al Wefaq, Lebanon TV, Rotana Group, etc.)
  11. Palestine Channels (All Palestine Satellite Channels, Rajeen Channel, Al-Aqsa, Al-Fajr, Al-Salam, Al-Raya Network, and others)
  12. Iraqi channels (Iraqi satellite channels, Samarra, Fallujah, and Iraqi news channels, in addition to the Kurdistan channel, sports channels, a group of Al-Hurra channels, and many other Iraqi channels)
  13. Egyptian channels, which is a large package that includes (a total of Egypt’s satellite channels, Nile channels, Al-Hayat channels, Egyptian Rotana channels, other Rotana channels, Panorama and Melody groups, and Islamic channels such as Al-Rahma, Al-Nas and Al-Azhari)
  14. Sudan channels)
  15. Sudan satellite channels, Khartoum channel, Omdurman channel, etc.)
  16. Tunisia channels (Tunisia Satellite Channels Group and others such as Sawt al-Sahel and Al-Hiwar Al-Tunisi)
  17. Western Channels (all Moroccan channels in Arabic, French and English)
  18. Algeria channels (a package of Algeria’s specialized satellite channels, Al-Haddaf channel, Al-Hayat online, etc.)
  19. Libyan channels ((Jamahiriya channel, Al-Naseh channel, Libya 218 channel, Libyan national channel, and others)
  20. Mauritanian channels (all satellite channels in Mauritania)

Classification according to content.

  • Islamic channels (all channels of an Islamic religious nature from all countries)
  • Encrypted children's channels and others from Spacetoon Cartoon Network, Majid Channel, and Baraem Channel.
  • Arab and international channels, Turkish and Kurdistan channels, and others.
  • International news channels such as French channels, BBC, ABC News 24, Fox, Turkish and Russian news channels, and Arab news channels in English.
  • Islamic songs channels, such as Muhammad Al-Azzawi and Saad Al-Ghamdi, Al-Ruqyah Sharia channels, morning and evening remembrance channels, Ahmed Al-Hajri and Mishary Al-Afasy channels.
  • Radio channels broadcast live from all Arab countries, classified according to the name of the country.
  • Live cameras that bring together a group of live broadcast channels from several regions and events.
  • Holy Quran channels include a group of channels with the voices of reciters from all over the world, such as Al-Sudais, Al-Ajmi, Al-Ghamdi, Abdel Basset, Al-Hosary, and a large group of scholars.

The Al-Ahmad Mobile website, elahmad TV, for watching international channels is one of the most important applications that you can download on your smartphone to ensure an enjoyable and useful time with a distinctive package of wonderful Arabic and international channels and recordings. Through it, you can follow all your favorite series, movies, news and sports channels throughout the day in all places on your mobile phone with quality, without interference or interruption, and with distinctive sound. The Ahmed TV mobile application will be a center for visual entertainment through its distinctive and wonderful package to spend an enjoyable day at home, in the car, and during trips.

You can access the site from here

elahmad tv apk download application

Activation code 123123


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