How to use Slack plugin in Gmail?

How to use Slack plugin in Gmail?

How to use Slack plugin in Gmail?

Many teams use Slack in addition to Gmail to make it easier for team members to collaborate. However, both tools can make it difficult to manage projects if they are used separately. So integrating Slack and Gmail is an easy way to make it easier to use and better manage projects. At this point, learning how to use Slack for Gmail becomes important. So first we need to introduce you to the Slack for Gmail plugin and then go to the tutorial on how to use it.

Conversations about a project in these two tools can be long and even boring. For this reason, we must look for an easy and fast way to manage the project. The best solution in this case is to integrate Slack with Gmail using Slack for Gmail plugin.

In this article, we'll teach you how to use Slack's Gmail plug-in. So if you are interested in managing your projects, follow us to the end of this great and practical article. Note that using this trick not only simplifies members' work, but also speeds up projects and makes all conversations fully accessible so we can refer to them when needed.

What is Slack for Gmail?

Slack for Gmail is an all-in-one app that allows you to send emails and other items directly from Gmail to Slack. Setting up this plugin is very simple and you only need to follow a few short steps. However, you can send any email to Slack using the forwarding address. This simplifies the email sharing integration. Simply find the Slack icon and send the email. Simply!

What can be done with the integration of Slack and Gmail?

The main advantage of Slack and Gmail integration is that it allows you to send any email directly to any channel in Slack. However, you can send new email and message attachments to share your thoughts, questions, concerns, or even comments. This allows you to quickly start conversations in Slack and keep your inbox clean and tidy.

How to integrate Slack with Gmail

In fact, installing Slack to integrate with Gmail is very simple and only requires a few steps that must be completed in order. These steps are:

1) You can find Slack for Gmail in Google Workspace. The following link will also help you to enter the relevant page.

Install Slack for Gmail

2) Now select Install.

3) You have to give it a number of permissions. Then press Continue.

4) On the next page, select the email you want to use for integration.

5) In this step, if you agree with the access permissions, click Allow.

How to use Slack plugin in Gmail?

Now that you have installed it, you need to connect to Slack. Open Gmail and select the Slack icon. Then follow the steps below in order:

1) Click on Connect to Slack first.

2) If you agree with the permissions, select Allow.

3) Slack verifies your account. Now go to Gmail and check your inbox.

How to use Slack for Gmail

To use it, just select the email you want to forward. If you wish, write a message and then complete the sending by choosing the channel or person you want to send your email to.

How to use Slack plugin in Gmail?

You can easily use the Slack for Gmail plugin and integrate Gmail with Slack to better manage your projects.


One of the main uses of Slack for Gmail is to increase team productivity. In fact, when your team can do things calmly and comfortably, the quality of work will increase as well. So immediately start using this feature and handy trick to get the best results as quickly as possible.


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