FotMob - Soccer Live Scores football results tracking program

 FotMob - Soccer Live Scores  football results tracking program

FotMob - Soccer Live Scores  football results tracking program

FotMob - Live Soccer Scores app to follow the results of football matches first-hand, review the matches of today, yesterday and tomorrow to stay informed, follow your favorite teams and leagues, read the latest news about the stars and know the latest transfers of players.

Favorite teams, leagues and players

At the beginning and before following the results of the matches, you must choose your favorite tournaments and clubs, browse the tournaments around the world that appear arranged by country with the display of the famous tournaments selected from the application staff, and press the star icon next to the tournament to add it.

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You can also add your favorite teams or the teams you always follow, and you can add your favorite players to follow the latest news related to them in the matches and outside, all your favorite teams, leagues and players will appear in the side menu of the application.

Match schedule

A large list of today's matches is displayed with sorting and dividing the matches into groups according to the tournament in which you are playing with displaying the timing of the match or its result if it ends, and you can display the matches that are playing now or arrange the matches by the time they start.

You can display only the matches of your favorite teams and hide the rest of the matches. You can also control the tournaments that are displayed in the list of matches in general and cancel the matches of the tournaments that you do not want to appear in the interface by filtering and classifying the tournaments.

Match details and tournaments

When you open a match, you can know all the details and facts in the match such as the players who scored goals, scored yellow and red cards, as well as substitutions made, and display the main players in the match as the best player and best passer.

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You can also view the match line-up for the two teams with the evaluation of the players, with comprehensive statistics about the match, such as the number of shots on goal, the percentage of ball control, and others, with the display of previous meetings between the two teams.

Likewise, it is possible to view the details of the tournament, follow the table of the teams’ standings in the tournament, find out the match schedule in the coming weeks, the latest news related to the teams and players, with a list of the tournament’s top scorers and the best players who made goals, and more.

News and transfers

There is a tab for sports news related to clubs, players, coaches' permits, the latest transfers, analysis of some matches, and more. You can view the news of your favorite players, teams and tournaments only, or view global news in general.

You can also view the news of specific tournaments by moving between the tabs at the top, or follow the news of the latest transfers first hand for all teams, and there is a special tab to display news with audio and video, and you can view the full details of the news by clicking on it.

Features of  FotMob - Live Soccer Scores

  • A great application for fans of football matches, player news and transfers.
  • Add teams, leagues and players to favorites.
  • View the schedule of all matches in your favorite tournaments.
  • View current matches or rearrange matches by time.
  • Control the matches displayed in the entire match schedule.
  • Comprehensive details of the match in all respects.
  • View details about the tournament, ranking teams, scorers, and more.
  • Find out all the details about the players.
  • Get notifications of match details.



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