Download VN Video Editor, the latest version for Any devices

Download VN Video Editor, the latest version for Any devices

Download VN Video Editor, the latest version for Any devices

VN Video Editor is a program for Any device android iphone windows mac to design if you need an application for Any devices that edits and edits videos professionally and has many tools that make the production of the video you want easy and uncomplicated, and with professional tools to produce the video in the best form and publish it on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram And Telegram, YouTube, Tik Tok and other social networking sites to be distinguished among many designers and professionals, whether you are a fan of designing videos and designing from time to time and have a great passion in the field of montage, or you are a content maker in various social media and you want an application that integrates more From a video clip with a cropping and editing tool, adding filters to them and transitions, as well as your desire to add subtitles to the video clip and produce the best and most powerful videos, the VN Salmotion program is right for you.

What is VN Video Editor?

VN Video Editor is one of the most powerful and best applications that gives you complete control over the production and editing of videos in a very wonderful way, through many professional tools that you can use with ease, whether you are a professional in the field of designing and producing video clips or a complete novice and you have no knowledge In the field of montage, he said, the tools that the VN program provides you with are very amazing, both in terms of use or in terms of the result that you will produce for you with your video. Through the application, you can produce the most luxurious videos and publish them on social networking sites, through the tools that the VN application provides you And there is a method of merging in the application, through which you can merge more than one video clip into one video that contains many effects, wonderful transitions, music, text and other things that help in producing a professional video clip.

Professional tools for creating video in VN

As we said earlier, the VN Video Editor Maker program contains many tools that help you in the production of video clips. You will find a tool that performs editing and modification operations such as zooming in and out, cutting and adjusting the size of the video so that you can adjust the sizes you want on the video clip, whether you want manual control or change the size With ready sizes, as well as cropping to extract some clips in the video that you do not want, as well as the tool to delete the clip from the workshop if you want to, and the tool to drag the video to certain places to arrange all the videos, as well as the tool to repeat a video clip, which facilitates the process of copying the video in the workshop There is a tool for flipping and rotating the video in all directions, as well as a tool for taking a picture from the video, through which you can take more than one picture in the video that you want, as well as a video reverse tool, which when applied to the video clip will start playing the video from end to beginning in reverse.

There is also a lighting control tool, through which you can adjust the degree of colors, saturation, brightness and contrast to reach a certain degree of illumination that you desire. The various filters that you can use and apply to the video, as well as the transition tool, which contains awesome and creative transitions that you can use between one video and another. A comprehensive set of great effects that you can add in all the videos in the workshop.

The VN program also contains a wonderful tool, the SPEED tool, through which you can speed up the video clip at high speed, as well as through which you can slow down the video, as it gives you complete control over the adjustment of the video speed as you wish, also a tool to add a frame on the edges of the video, which adds a frame with different colors On the sides of the video, and do not forget the audio tool, through which you can add many of the music you want, whether you want music from your device or music from the application library, which contains a comprehensive collection of ready-made music that you can use as well as sound effects, as it contains many The sound effects that you can use and add to any part of the video you want.

You can also add an audio recording through the microphone directly, that is, through the audio tool, you can either add music from the device or the application library and also add sound effects as well as add an audio recording through the microphone, the VN program also contains a layered style through which a video can be added Or photos, it also contains the chroma key tool, through which you can remove any background in the video through layers.

Also, the text tool, through which you can add many texts to the video clip, whether you want to use it for translation or for others. Text color, text resizing tool, edges and other

tools that enable you to format texts in the best way.

And don't forget the Keyframe tool, through which you can move the images you added through the layers and also give you complete control over moving the texts on all areas of the video, after you finish producing your video, you can export the video in quality up to 4K and share it on social networking sites. for your Android device by clicking on the link at the bottom of the screen.

Features of VN Video Editor

  • It has an elegant graphic interface.
  • One of the best video editing and editing applications with great capabilities.
  • Both the novice and the professional in the field of montage can use the application.
  • Many tools that help you design and produce a professional video clip.
  • It allows you to combine more than one video clip and make adjustments to them.
  • caste system.
  • You can add music from your Android device.
  • It contains a large number of sound effects that you can use.
  • It provides many professional transitions and more than wonderful effects.
  • It has a large collection of amazing filters that give a professional feel to your video.
  • Many fonts and tools that help in text formatting.
  • You can crop the video into several parts and arrange them as you like.
  • With its available acceleration tool, you can speed up or slow down the video.
  • Possibility to change the direction and reverse the video.
  • You can save the video clip in quality up to 4K.
  • It contains many templates that you can modify, ready-made with transitions and filters.



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