Download SimpleLogin latest version for android and iphone

Download SimpleLogin latest version

Download SimpleLogin latest version for android and iphone

You get a lot of spam. However, you want to communicate. Enter SimpleLogin, a service that allows you to shop online and even have continuous digital conversations, all without revealing your actual email address. SimpleLogin is a comprehensive disposable email address solution that covers every conceivable feature, and is easy to use.

SimpleLogin is an open source, self-hosted solution to protect your email address with email alias: just use the alias everywhere instead of your personal email address.

All emails sent to an alias are forwarded to your email inbox. Not only can the SimpleLogin alias receive emails, it can also send and reply to emails.

With our simplelogin extension coming to Chrome, Firefox and Safari, quickly create an alias without leaving your browser tab.

Believing that anyone should be able to protect their email address for free, SimpleLogin has a generous free plan: no bandwidth caps and endless forwards/replies.

If you have your own domain, with powerful features like a global email alias, SimpleLogin can replace your email hosting solution.

How to use simplelogin

You can reply directly from the email client of your choice. Simply click the Reply button, the reply will be routed through SimpleLogin and SimpleLogin will make it come from your alias (your custom domain email address).

Technically, the From header in your email is replaced with a special, dynamically generated alias for each sender. When you reply, your reply is already sent to that private alias and SimpleLogin will relay the reply back to the sender, making sure that the email is sent from your alias. All information about your personal email address is removed during this process.

A reverse alias is a private alias that allows you to send email from your own alias. A reverse alias is created for each alias you want to send email from and for each contact you want to email. When you send an email to a reverse alias from your personal email, the email from your alias will be sent to the contact.

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