Download MyFitnessPal Calorie and Diet Calculator for android

Download MyFitnessPal  Calorie and Diet Calculator for android

MyFitnessPal  Calorie and diet calculator app on Android

In addition to having a basic exercise, another way to lose weight is to have a completely accurate diet according to which, in accordance with the exercise, you can achieve the best results in a short time. With a simple search on tetbekat site, you will find various applications in the field of training and sports programs.

MyFitnessPal  Calorie and diet calculator app on Android

 Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal  is an efficient and complementary software for other sports applications developed by MyFitnessPal in the Play Store for Android .It's been published. The huge database included in the calorie counter helps its users to have accurate information about the calorie content of their food consumed.

 More than 6 million different foods with their information are in this database, which eliminates the need for any other program. After purchasing the foods you need, all you have to do is scan their barcodes with the program to get accurate information about the nutrients in them. List of these materials; Shows you information such as calories, protein, carbohydrates and so you can make the right decision to consume them.

 Set your goal and get access to cooking recipes! The instructions in this unique software are tailored to your goals and teach you the best type of cooking to achieve your goals.

 features  of Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal  Android app:

  • Access the vast database of food information with over 6 million different foods
  • Unique barcode scanning system for fast access to food information
  • Different cooking recipes to suit your goals
  • View list of popular restaurants for users
  • Tips for choosing the best food to meet the daily needs of your body
  • Perfect and complete calorie counter to show the nutritional value and calories in food
  • Track your daily water intake
  • A professional notebook to write your experiences in between
  • There are more than a dozen different diets ready for people with different goals
  • Putting more than 350 exercises to have a healthy body along with diet
  • Access to a variety of different aerobic exercises
  • View professional progress charts on goals

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