Download Opus Player Easy and professional management of WhatsApp audio files

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Download Opus Player Easy and professional management of WhatsApp audio files

Download Opus Player Easy and professional management of WhatsApp audio files

Opus Player is a very useful, simple, attractive and of course popular app that has been downloaded more than 10 million times till now and managed to score 4.1 in Play Store. This app, as its name suggests, performs audio files that are sent to you in opus format (and many different formats). Initially, this was the only mission of this app, but now developers have added many different features to it so that Opus Player has become a multifunctional app and not just a simple player.

Download Opus Player

This app is actually an audio file management tool where you can view your audio files. It sorts them by date of submission and shows them to you. This way, you only need to know when an audio file was sent to you so that you can easily access it through this app.

This application has a special feature, which is that it allows you to select the output amplifier. This means that you can select the audio of the audio files to be played through the main speaker of the phone or the speaker used for the conversation. This way you can sometimes listen to audio without headphones or hands-free without anyone around you hearing anything at all. In addition, the user can put symbols on the passwords so that he does not get confused when searching for a particular Weiss and can easily find it or even know what it is related to.

Opus Player is compatible with many standard File Explorer smartphones, allowing you to share, categorize or even delete any audio files you want with other users on different platforms. It is also possible to share these files as Instagram stories or posts, so that the user can easily share any audio file they want in any way they want.

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Another unique and attractive feature of this app is that when an audio file is sent to you, you can listen to Weiss via Opus Player without the sender noticing. This feature makes it easy to listen to Weiss when you don't want to be notified of your online status. You can listen to Weiss either by opening the app itself and in the Recently Uploaded section, or by tapping and holding Weiss in WhatsApp. Then tap the three dots at the top of the screen and select Share. Find Opus Player among the open applications. Select it and listen to the audio file safely.

One of the good features of this application is the regular classification of the files based on the date of transmission, allowing you to access the audio file in the shortest possible time. He also mentioned the ability to delete and share audio files, the ability to listen to audio files without opening the WhatsApp application and without notifying the sender, the ability to add icons to audio files to find them faster, the ability to choose the output speakers and much more.

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If you are also fascinated by the good features of this app, then don't waste time and by clicking on the link below, you will have one of the best WhatsApp audio file manager apps on your phone. Unfortunately, this app is not available for iOS.

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Opus Player - WhatsApp Audio Search and Organize

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